Our mission at Atlantic Keeper Academy is to develop every goalkeeper to reach their goals and find success on and off the field.

Atlantic Keeper Academy is committed to developing the goalkeeper but also developing the overall person. We intend to teach the skills necessary for the goalkeeping position, instill tenacity, goal-setting, all while building unity through hard work and commitment of a common goal of being the best person they can be on and off the field.

Training sessions are run with emphasis on the following areas.

  • The four basic handling positions
  • Basic positioning concepts
  • Distribution
  • Balance and Coordination exercises
  • Shot handling and diving to save
  • Handling breakaways
  • Footskills – passing and receiving as back pass option
  • Communication
  • Speed, Power, Footwork and Core Strength
  • Advanced shot stopping – including collapse and extension dive saves
  • Commanding the 18 yard box
  • Organization of the defense
  • Handling flank attacks
  • Plyometrics, Goalkeeper Fitness, Explosiveness
  • Mental Skills
  • Reading the game (anticipating the next pass)
  • And more…