My son just completed the 9/10 year old Goalkeeper clinic hosted by Atlantic Keeper Academy. I can’t say enough about how Amazing Coach Kayla and her staff were. From the first minute of the clinic they focused on fundamentals and proper technique all while making it a fun learning experience. Everyday this week Jacob asked what time practice was because he couldn’t wait to get there.

In only 4 sessions I saw my saw my sons skills and confidence grow as a goalkeeper all because of the positive coaching he received. Successes were celebrated and when he made mistakes he was encouraged to try again.

Jacob is more excited than ever to become a goalkeeper and that’s all thanks to his experience this week. We will be working with Coach Kayla and Atlantic Keeper Academy again in the future

Greg Grasso

I signed my daughter up for this camp as part of summertime perpetration for high school tryouts.  Over the course of 4 days Kayla, the owner and coach, worked directly with each of the 6 kids in the camp that week to develop and/or reinforce the core skills to be a successful keeper.  My daughter walked away more confident and prepared for playing in the summer high school pre-season workouts.  We plan to be back in late august again right before tryouts.

It is a great sole proprietor organization run by a woman who is passionate about soccer and goalkeeping.  That being said, the facilities are what she creates on the pitch.  She brings everything and in inclement weather sessions may be canceled.

At the end of the week-long session, she had a super cool positive gift/memento for the kids about keeping a positive mental attitude in a sport and position that requires such fortitude.

Would I recommend this program – YES!  Singing up again for one in just a few weeks

Rich M.

As a senior in high school, I have worked with a lot goalkeeper coaches and I can say that Kayla has been undoubtedly my favorite coach. She helped me improve so much over just one summer after an injury had benched me less than a year before. Besides helping me with keeper skills, her holistic approach to coaching helped me lay out goals for eating and exercise habits beyond our weekly sessions. Her comments were always constructive; I never felt like she was frustrated with me if I was struggling with something. She was always positive as she thought of new ways to approach the problem, and when I did something correctly she was genuinely excited for me. I would strongly recommend Kayla to any goalkeeper at any level—I truly started from scratch after my injury, but she adapted to where I was physically and mentally to give me the best coaching experience I could have asked for. Love you Kayla!IMG_2526IMG_9934

Left: Claire and I when first coached her at U-11 level for Seacoast United.

Right: Claire and I reunited summer before her senior season to help her achieve her goals.

Claire Theberge

Our daughter Isabel, has done both group and individual trainings with Kayla. What she loves most – is that she can go to Kayla and work on specific issues that she is having trouble with, and Kayla always helps her work them through. As parents, we love that Kayla continues to challenge Isabel and work with her to achieve her goals in a fun and safe environment. Our daughter leaves tired, but with a smile on her face and a sense of accomplishment. Many thanks, Kayla!

Kelly Majewski

My son absolutely loves Atlantic Keeper Academy! Kayla has coached him in both one on one sessions and group sessions for years. He always looks forward to his training and always leaves feeling accomplished. Kayla is able to use her techniques and soccer knowledge to instruct keepers at all levels. By far the best keeper training in the North Shore!

Sara LoCoco

Kayla is an absolutely incredible coach.

Having played the position, she completely understands the emotional ups and downs that a goalkeeper endures during not only games but also practice sessions.

She has been instrumental in helping my daughter realize that there is so much more involved with the position. Technically, she is one of the finest coach’s my daughter has ever worked with but where I really feel Kayla has separated herself from the rest of the coaches out there is the mental aspect of the game. She has truly had an incredible impact on my daughters development.

Larry Napolitano

“MacKenzie has become more confident in her role as keeper by working with Kayla. Kayla really understands the keeper and has the ability to push them to reach their full potential. MacKenzie has done many goalkeeper trainings with other coaches and Kayla is by far the most impressive. An example is, when running a drill, she is able to quickly see what is not being performed correctly, stop the drill, and fix it immediately, which is not often seen. Kayla’s trainings are demanding and intense but my daughter is always excited and looking forward to the next one.” 


Jenn Boissonneault