Claire Theberge

As a senior in high school, I have worked with a lot goalkeeper coaches and I can say that Kayla has been undoubtedly my favorite coach. She helped me improve so much over just one summer after an injury had benched me less than a year before. Besides helping me with keeper skills, her holistic approach to coaching helped me lay out goals for eating and exercise habits beyond our weekly sessions. Her comments were always constructive; I never felt like she was frustrated with me if I was struggling with something. She was always positive as she thought of new ways to approach the problem, and when I did something correctly she was genuinely excited for me. I would strongly recommend Kayla to any goalkeeper at any level—I truly started from scratch after my injury, but she adapted to where I was physically and mentally to give me the best coaching experience I could have asked for. Love you Kayla!IMG_2526IMG_9934

Left: Claire and I when first coached her at U-11 level for Seacoast United.

Right: Claire and I reunited summer before her senior season to help her achieve her goals.